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Cabinetry Panels & Custom Joinery

Cabinetry Panels are designed to replicate the popular aesthetic of individual floorboards being used to construct cabinetry and furniture pieces. These panels are 2420 x 1200 x 18mm.
Custom Doors now eliminate the established practice of constructing whole doors from floorboards glued to a core. Now complete, pre-finished, trimmed and ready-to-hang doors can be ordered to size. Standard doors start at 2200 x 850 x 38mm.
Both Cabinetry Panels and Custom Doors are available in all our Architect Collection colours.
The custom staircase is unique in its design, as it does not require any steel to be chased into the wall cavity. Using a certified system it can directly connect each stair to any brick/concrete surface. A wire balustrade opens up the view of the staircase, creating a visually impressive feature in any home.

The Architect Collection

These timber floors are an American Oak timber top layer bonded on to an engineered base and are pre- finished in a range of natural-looking colours and come in five sizes. All timber floor products in this range are sold pre-finished and are tongue and grooved on the ends and sides. 30% of these timber floor products are sold as random shorts and the timber floors are graded ABCD which means that some boards will be clean and others will feature knots.

It is the dimensions of the timber floorboard that will change the price per square metre rather than your colour selection.

The Artisan Collection

These timber floors typically present more handwork and a number of different types of timber such as Holly Oak, French Oak, Walnut and Teak, as well as American Oak.

These varied types of timber boards use feature grade timber (timber with more knots and figure) and at times timber that is reclaimed, recycled, hand-pegged, exhibits splits and cracks etc, giving real aged character to the floors. 30% of these timber floor products are sold as random shorts.

These boards are also prefinished. Board dimensions vary depending on the timber floor species.

Concreate Collection

Concreate is a completely new and innovative patented product that is a prefinished, oiled, polished concrete wall and ceiling panel suitable for gluing to new construction or retro-fitted over existing walls and ceilings suitable for interior use only. Attractive “real” polished concrete finish honed to an exceptionally high standard that shows the irregularities and character of polished off-form concrete.

The Eco Exotic Collection

These timber floors have a top layer of reconstituted hardwood to create the look of an exotic species, which is then laminated on to a fast-grown and renewable multi-plywood base for stability.

The timber floors are 14mm in total thickness, with a 2.5mm wear layer of reconstituted hardwood. These types of timber floors are suitable for both floor and wall installations and can look magnificent made up into cabinetry. All boards are tongue-and-grooved on the ends and sides and are available in the following dimensions:

Solid Oak Mouldings

We also offer an exclusive range of matching solid oak mouldings and trims, including stair nosing’s, corner mouldings and cover strips, enabling our floor boards to be utilised across a wide range of applications including ceilings, walls and cabinetry.